How to add a decal to a license plate frame

Clean the frame well (water and dish soap works well. Be careful not to scrub the existing text too much.) Dry the frame completely.

Cut the clear tape so it is just a little longer than the text on the frame and cut the left end of the clear tape at an angle as shown.

Apply the clear tape over the see you space cowboy text. You want the clear tape to completely cover the text, but make sure it doesn’t extend past the left side of the text

Apply the decal by lining up the text part of the decal over the existing text. Focus on lining up the “SEE” both horizontally and vertically, don’t worry as much about the rest of the letters since they won’t line up as well.

Apply pressure to the ship and line part of the decal and let it sit at least 5 minutes.
Remove the clear tape slowly by folding it back onto itself.