Volvos at Carlisle 2023

Volvos at Carlisle 2024

Have a great weekend!

And then once you’re back home counting the days until the next show be sure to check out for decals and plate frames that are sure to make your car stand out next time. Use the coupon code “CarlisleVolvo24” at checkout for 25% off any order through June 17th.

We’re always interested in adding new items and are working on adding items for newer Volvo models, but in the meantime if you have an idea for something for your car but you don’t see it on the site we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch through the contact form and we’ll see what we can do.

Having trouble with your Volvos at Carlisle decal?

Sorry about that, the clear application tape sometimes doesn’t stick to the vinyl as well as it’s supposed to. Luckily it’s an easy fix so check out the instructions below and you’ll be sticking that decal to your car in no time.

  1. With the decal face up, rub the surface with a squeegee, the edge of a credit card, or your hand to make sure the clear application tape makes contact with the decal text.
  2. Turn the decal over so you’re looking at the back, put the decal on a solid surface, then peel up a corner and fold it back to make a crease.
  3. Starting from the corner you just creased, continue to fold/roll off the backing paper by keeping it folded back onto itself. Do not pull up on the backing paper to remove it, rather pull it to the side parallel with the decal.
  4. The decal should now be stuck to the clear tape, leaving the white backing paper empty
  5. Apply the decal to your desired location. Rub the surface to make sure it sticks and then remove the clear tape layer, leaving just the text decal behind. If the decal isn’t sticking to the surface you can let it sit for a few minutes to give the adhesive time to stick, then remove the clear tape in the same way as you removed the backing paper, by creasing a corner and rolling it off the decal.