About your new plate frame

Thanks for choosing a new plate frame from Sweet Graffix!

Your new plate frame is made with outdoor-grade vinyl and the lettering is expected to be durable in all conditions and climates. Please be assured that we have tested the vinyl ourselves and are confident that in normal conditions it will not peel off, even in your favorite car wash.

However the letters are still made of vinyl so they can be scraped off intentionally so we ask that you please don’t try to scrape the letters in an effort to see how durable they are. If by some chance your plate frame does have a problem and the lettering is damaged prematurely please contact us so we can set you up with a replacement.

If you want to further protect your new frame we recommend a layer of wax or sealant like those you would use on your car. You can also add a layer of clearcoat to provide even better protection. Both wax and clearcoat may affect the matte or glossy appearance of the finish so test a small area on the back of the frame first if this is a concern for you.

Some plate frames include hardware sets and/or matching screw caps. Unfortunately due to differences in vehicle manufacturers we cannot guarantee that the hardware or caps will fit on every vehicle and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience if this is the case with your car or truck.

Whether you use the included hardware sets or reuse the existing screws already on your vehicle, please ensure that your license plate and new frame are securely attached before driving.

Below are images showing how to use included hardware sets and screwcaps. If you are uncertain of anything regarding the installation process please don’t hesitate to email or use the contact form and we’d be happy to provide assistance.