Shipping FAQ

Decal shipping information for US Etsy orders

If you ordered a decal and did not choose an upgraded shipping/tracking option at checkout then it will be mailed via USPS mail in either a letter-sized or greeting card-sized envelope. Often I use brightly colored envelopes to make them more noticeable but this is not always possible so sometimes you will receive a plain white envelope. The labels are printed so it may not immediately be obvious what is inside. If you have ordered a decal please double-check your mail to make sure it doesn’t mistakenly get mixed in with junk mail.

Also there is tracking on these envelopes but it is sometimes unreliable and may not work at all, especially during busy times of the year or covid surges when many postal employees are out.

While the letters are mailed through USPS and will arrive in your mailbox with your regular mail, the tracking is not available on the USPS website. You may be able to find tracking information on this website by entering the tracking number that Etsy sent you:

However as previously mentioned this system does not always work so please do not be alarmed if you check and do not see any updates other than the initial “Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item

And lastly, there is a known glitch where these envelopes are marked as delivered several days before they actually show up in your mailbox (especially for orders marked as delivered Friday, Saturday, or Sunday). If you received a message from Etsy that your item was delivered but you didn’t see it there is no need for immediate concern and you should see it within 3 business days (though on rare occasions I have seen it take as long as 5 business days).

If you have waited a few days past the initial delivery notification and still don’t see you decal:

  • check the initial order confirmation email to make sure Etsy had your correct address
  • double-check the past few days of junk mail if you haven’t already

If everything looks good and there’s still no sign of it then please send me a message through Etsy or using the contact form here on the site so I can get a replacement on the way for you ASAP.